Artificial Intelligence has positively reshaped my life as a high school student

As a junior in high school, I’ve opened ChatGPT more than any book in the past year. You may be thinking that I use ChatGPT to generate homework answers out of laziness, as the online artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot has been called “the end of high school English.” Given ChatGPT’s ability to construct full-length essays on any given subject, most teachers and schools have rejected the platform based on academic integrity. However, outright rejection may result in missing out on the potential benefits of AI for learning.

One of the strongest characteristics of AI, such as ChatGPT, is its ability to condense and organize information much faster than humans. Thus, instead of using ChatGPT to generate answers for schoolwork, I use it as a tool to help effectively brainstorm.

For example, when I was formulating discussion points for my philosophy club, I used ChatGPT to help me organize a few key topics. I reviewed the AI-suggest topics and researched the ones that I thought were relevant. The simplification and organization saved me time and energy to pour into higher-level work such as critical thinking, discussion flow planning, and exploration of relevant topics.

As opposed to seeing programs like ChatGPT as robotic impersonators, I consider them to be research assistants. Our view of AI can sometimes be irrational, possibly because of its role in dystopian fiction, such as the moviesTerminator or Ex Machina. As students, our fear of AI should not blind us from seeing its utility.

Also, although I might come across as narcissistic, I do not think an algorithm can write a better English assignment than I can. The sentences that ChatGPT generates are cookie-cutter, bland, and uninspired. Understandably so, as AI is still in its infancy and much of our schoolwork is nuanced and requires context that is hard for current AI programs to integrate.

My parents lived through a time when Google gradually replaced libraries as the most efficient source of information. Now, imagine if teachers tried to restrict students’ use of Google, forcing them to exclusively use the library. With the invention of AI like ChatGPT, the transfer of information can be even more effective. Instead of scrolling through countless websites for pieces of a puzzle, knowledge is almost instantly synthesized into digestible summaries. Now, our job is to learn to use these nuggets to build our own thinking. We shouldn’t be asking “Why are you using AI to do homework?” but instead, “Why are you not using AI?” and “How else can it help you?” Those who learn how to use AI best will have a huge advantage in the future because the technologies are efficient, empowering, and unfortunately, inevitable.

We are entering the age of AI, but it’s not one where machines rule civilization. Instead, it should be a symbiotic one where humans and technology coexist and build off each other for a better world.

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    Winston, you have restored my faith in the future of America’s youth. You revealed yourself as an individual who understands the limitations of digital tools like ChatGPT while exploiting their benefits. Unlike many, you have not farmed your mind out to an app, rather, you intelligently and skillfully wields control of each’s capabilities. Your critical appraisal of the cognitive process enabled him to determine the accuracy of various information, discover relevant knowledge resources and achieve understanding of his topic through experience.

    Francis Bacon differentiates the benefits of various modes of learning: “Reading maketh he full man; Conference the ready man; Writing the exact man.” Only the best integrates all three modes. You do so.
    Furthermore, you acknowledge that humans and technology must develop a symbiotic relationship to create optimal outcomes. You demonstrates both his willingness to do the work where appropriate and to delegate complementary tasks to machines’ strengths in a partnership.

    In today’s world of cyber credulity and group thinking, you, a high school junior, is adept at distinguishing the most effective and efficient divisions of labor to achieve his end. You are thoughtful, cautious and discerning. Very impressive Winston.


    Well reasoned, Winston. It is good to see high school students taking the time to write letters.
    I do have some issues with ChatGPT (before you comment, I’m a tester of both it and other AI systems).
    You are right to take responses as a starting point. Many answers are actually incorrect or only partially correct. Other answers are not the best answer. In the case of ChatGPT, there is also the fact that the data set cuts off at mid-2021.

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